UX/UI | Visual Designer | Front-end 

 My design philosophy: design with intention for useful impact.

I am curious. My curiosity drives to figure out how things work and why they don't work, which leads me problem solve. I follow a science-based problem-solving method for UX. I articulate the “Why” for my UX decisions.

I also articulate my visual design skills combined with an empathetic, data-driven research approach. It's never an identical path but based on my knowledge I apply the best practices per project. I start by seeking to understand who are the users? Who are we are trying to solve a problem for? Then I establish a streamlined structure to create end-to-end products. I enjoy solving problems, but engaging people with a magical touch that is simple, memorable and comfortable. 

I got into UX design because after working in design and having a knowledge of working design aesthetics and functions, I recognized poor design. Then as time evolved, I noticed a trend of cleaner, more effective design methods being publically used. Humans are creatures of habit, I examine the automatic behaviors of how people interact with every-day things. I take notice of the details of the user's goals and frustrations and collaborate with cross-functional teams to create an impactful, sophisticated and magical deliverable.


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When I'm not reseaching or designing, I am probably training for a marathon. 




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