My design philosophy: design with intention for useful impact. 

I'm Kristen an enthuastic UX Designer, visual designer, and creative.

I am curious. My curiosity drives to me problem solve. I follow a design process based on my background in visual design combined with an empathetic data-driven UX approach. It's never an identical path but based on my knowledge I apply the best practices per project.

I start by seeking to understand who are the users? Who are we are trying to solve a problem for? Then I establish a streamlined structure to create end-to-end products.


I know that design is iterative, and it is about the process that matters. The process of the user who wants to get from point a to point b with comfort and ease. Conducting research brings insight for who we are trying to solve a problem for. My research method aligns the user's and stakeholder's goals.

As a curious problem solver, I stop and ask what design designs I am doing to create a quality result. While designing, I check and ask questions such as 'why', 'how', 'who' 'what' 'where' and more...

Example scenario questions: Why is this website's navigation unclear? How can we streamline and clean up the information archeticture/sitemap? Why are we making this interaction design decision? How would it affect the user? Is this intuitive to the user? Why do you think this is a problem and how can we solve it? So on an so forth.

Furthermore, I communicate my ideas to the team for an iterative feedback loop to develop an MVP and include stretch goals if we have time.


I start designing interfaces by sketching or whiteboarding ideas. I test low-fidelity to mid-fidelity prototypes early and continue to test often. I look for repetitive habits while testing. Humans are creatures of habit, I examine the automatic behaviors, and how they affect the user. I take notice if it has to do with the UI or UX and solve for a pleasant deliverable.

I conduct a well thought out UX and UI design process for impactful results.




The 90's

Late 90's-early 2000's








Grew up as creative with a creative mind. I illustrated, sketched, painted, and wrote. 


Introducted to digital art and graphics thanks to a home PC. I started using Adobe photoshop/illustrator. I combined digital art to publish it on the web. My spark for understanding how the internet works started during the birth of the internet. 


As my interest in the web develops to a further degree, I start creating online blogs and websites. I also started doing photography with Nikon DSLR, and my eye for design became more keen. When choosing a college to attend, I chose FAU (Florida Atlantic University) to be near the technology and design environments in West Palm-Fort Lauderale-Miami.

I graduated with a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Dorothy F. Smitchy College of Art & Design at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. 



5 years of industry experience as a visual designer.



Relocated to the Bay Area for a Design job at a technology startup. Started making a career pivot into UX.



Obtained two certificates in Front-end Web Developement and another in User Experience Design Immersive from General Assembly.



I am working as a freelace UX Designer, and open to work. Email me to set up a time to communicate about full-time, contract, or freelance UX work at kristenk35@gmail.com

When I'm not reseaching or designing, I am probably training for a marathon.


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