I’m Kristen Kelly

UX/UI & Visual Designer


I have over 6-years experience in Visual Design, focusing on UI designs for the web. I worked with clients such as Verizon, Allstate, Pandia Health, and interned at Helium Creative in Fort Lauderdale. I relocated to the Bay Area to join a wireless technology start-up. Through my experiences, I learned to identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.

I decided to become a designer to make innovative products while researching human-centered interaction. I enjoy creation through ideation, the design process, prototyping, and testing. After obtaining my BFA in Graphic Design and industry work experience, I attended a User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly to learn the fundamentals of UX design. Overall from both educational fields, my favorite principles include the gestalt principles, heuristic values, as well as the classic double diamond approach to UX.

I have a keen eye for creating compositions with enthusiasm, attention to detail and true grit.  As an empathetic UX designer, I want part of a team to create delightful experiences.

Email me at kristenk35@gmail.com or download my resume here.


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Fun facts about me: I coffee, tea and positivity. I have completed a 50 mile ultra-marathon, can speak conversational Spanish. I have two cats. I am a typography fan, I enjoy music, literature, meditation and fine art. In my spare time I am whipping up a home-cooked meal with superfood ingredients.