UX/UI & Visual Designer in San Francisco




I was a graphic designer at DELUXE Corporation.

As a apart of a design team, we worked in an Agile SCRUM team apart of communication specialists and engineers to wireframe, design, and engineer and test web products for fortune 500 companies, being shipped to thousands of customers. Clients include: AARP, Allstate, DELUXE, Verizon and more.


Client Communication

First MarComs (or marketing communication specialists) would gather insight to create PDF documents if "shells" or "wireframes" of what to design and have a one on one meeting with a designer explaining their vision for the design process.

The MarComs would chose tangible products from DELUXE'S wearhouse that were photographed in-house, write content and place a promo code to be used for rewards incentives.

The Design Process

A designer, such as me, would take this shell, search for the images and create colorful and layouts that displayed the products and content,.

Iterations were made back and forth from the MarCom, to the client (in this case it was DELUXE), and asked to be changed with the designer. Sometimes it took several rounds of iterations for a final product. We worked on SCRUM Agile teams keeping the lines of communication open between the design and MarCom.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Once a layout was approved by the MarCom, which included the images, the content, and the terms and conditions text area at the bottom of the page with the approriate info, it was ready to be engineered by the email coders.

The designers handed off the finalized high-fidelty comps for both desktop and mobile devices and shipped live to customers via email or posted online.

There were certain restrictions, such images had to be 480 pixels in width for mobile.