Front-End Code

These practice examples were learned at a Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly.


Color Palette Picker

Overview: I designed and developed this from scratch based on studying open source code. It is based on Google’s Material design color picker. I used JQuery to enable the colors that are picked on the right side to change the background of the white blank box on the left hand side, then display the HEX, RGB, and HSL numbers.

JavaScript Score Keeper Function

Overview: I coded this in a Front-End Web Development course. Check it out and play with mathematics!


Overview: We learned Flexbox in Front-End Web Development, an alternative to the CSS grid for responsive coding, using a flex-wrap function and column width percentages.


Below are open-source code studies

These are coding experiments, to show I know the basics of front-end web development and altering the code. These are used with open source code.


Photo Realistic Phone


Placescore Animation