Moving Forewords

UX/UI design of an online memoir writers collective

Still in procress. I am collabrating with a UX team of 2, and stakeholders to redesign this page.



User Journey


Heuristic Analysis of Current Site

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Sitemap Proposals

Site Map Proposal


Currently Moni and I are working on the early stages of the wireframes. We are working on the Homepage first for a structured flow throuhgout the I.A. of the site.


Since Moving Forewords is a community-focused site, we want to showcase the author's headshots on the homepage. 

One proposal that I did was to have an interactive moving carousel, with arrows the user can click on moving from left to right. However, but we found an error in this considering MF is an inclusive community and we do not showcase one person as more important than another.

For the other proposals, we are flushing out ideas as shone on the right, to show the faces linked to the member's bios.

The member's bios are a key factor and main focus for MF. These authors come from different backgrounds, and offer something unique for readers and users visting the site.

Some examples of the pieces on the site including published articles, published books, and also a their personal web sites. One author has even has an iTunes podcast.

Overall, from interviewing the users (who are also the steakholders/and the authors) a main objective they all want, is to invite new users (who are most likely other writers) visiting their site to "follow their footsteps" or in simplifyed terms, feel like they can easily read what MF's authors are writing about and connect to their memiors.




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In Progress

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Tabs Module

The site is content-rich, so for ease of use, ideation is to separate different topics using tabs.


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